Honoring Patrick Munoz

Honoring Patrick Munoz

We are honored to have been in the presence of our dear brother Patrick Munoz. And we are honored to be here with you today to share the immense gratitude we have for our Kuya Patrick. We have been connected to him through a special language called music.

Our music family at The Luna Company though small, has had the blessing of having extended music circles throughout the world. One of those reasons was through the welcoming presence and kind heart of Patrick who joined our music family, even before we considered our group to be a real part of the music industry.

In the words of our CEO, Christina Luna: “My fondest memory of Patrick was over dinner one evening in 2014 when he expressed that he felt the Lord was calling him to mentor young artists at that particular stage of his life. But personally impactful, he expressed to me that evening how much he believed in what I started early in 2001 and that I can always consider him a partner in any endeavor. I’m blessed to not only have Patrick watch over me throughout my career but to be the warm spirit we needed during our most challenging times but and our most successful times. For that I am forever grateful and know the he is now playing keys for the Lord.”

In the words of some of the artists Patrick has worked with:

“I’ll never forget how he’d always make it a point to take the time to get to know a person on a one on one level and just care so much about everything else other than what other people would usually ask about. He’s always going to be such a great Kuya and friend! And will be truly missed!”

Ramiele Malubay

“It’s sad to know that he’s gone. Whenever we see each other, he always makes me feel like family. He’s like a big brother that I never had. He always checks on how I’m doing and how’s life. He always has this signature smile. Loved his presence on stage as he makes me feel comfortable and “I always got your back” whenever I miss some chords and notes. He never fails to talk about Shelby and how she progresses in music too. Will definitely miss him!”

          Jackie Chavez

“He was a great representative and manager for ACTS. He was always willing to help with songs and was there when we had questions. He was a huge encouragement, especially in serving God through the talents He’s given us. When he was touring with Gary V and they had a show in Vegas, no matter how busy he was, Kuya Pat still made time to meet up with us and catch up.”

          Ann, Christine, Teemy (ACTS)

We could build a library from the music community of the happy memories of every rehearsal and every concert, and love-filled messages for every time Kuya Patrick gave a high five or a big hug. We know that every moment is countless but what we value more is that we were able to share those moments, even if it is just for a moment.

To Mayenne and Shelby, we know Patrick continues be with you in spirit and in love. Thank you for being the kind family that you are and we’re here with you honoring and remembering Patrick today.

Thank you and God bless Patrick.

The Luna Company Family


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