FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Vo1ce Returns After 15 Years with New Music Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Vo1ce Returns After 15 Years with New Music Release

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San Francisco, California – July 12, 2019Vocal group, “One Vo1ce”, returns to the music scene after 15 years releasing a new single titled, “Passion”. Reuniting and teaming up with multi-platinum producer James Earley (Jae-E), the new single under Kamikaze Records comes in advance of a new upcoming album project.

One Vo1ce, consisting today of members: Mae Ceralvo, Marie Ceralvo and Monica Castillo – was originally formed as a 5-member group in 1994. Having released the first single “All Day All Nite” (1998), debut album “Just The Beginning” (1999), second album “Sincerely Yours” (2001), and third album “Luvin’ You” (2004) – their releases including “When You Think About Me” reached the Top 100 Billboard Charts and was featured in films, television shows and regularly on radio stations throughout the US. The success of their milestones in the 1990s, garnered much attention as one of the few Filipino American female groups in the mainstream music industry.

After a long hiatus One Vo1ce states, “We’ve always been deeply rooted in music, it’s always been in our DNA. We’re at a place where we’re established in who we are and we’re at a confident place to share our creativity through music again. We started the project a while ago and life kind of got in the way. So, we decided it was time to follow through and continue on our musical journey.”

In June, One Vo1ce made their first appearance in their hometown of Vallejo, performing a collaboration with rap artist Ruby Ibarra and the band, The Balikbayans. One Vo1ce says, “Coming back and seeing people in the audience singing along to “When You Think About Me” was heart-warming. We do have to give credit to Ruby for dangling the carrot to get us back on stage. Performing with a band was something we had on our wish list, but never got to fulfill. Getting on stage with Ruby and The Balikbayans was an opportunity to truly break away from the girl-band era of choreographed dancing with tracked instrumentals. It definitely got us excited for mapping out our set for future performances.”

One Vo1ce, is currently in the studio working on their fourth album due to release this year, preparing for performances, guest appearances and collaborations.

“Passion” is now available streaming on Spotify and available on all digital platforms.

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  1. Matt Salvan says:

    I grew up loving the One Voice’s music, still play it to this day (still have the CD), and so happy they are back!!! I can’t wait for more!!!

  2. Kate Romosod says:

    Sooo thrilled when I saw you ladies performed in San Diego days ago. Made sure I was upfront!!! Come again!

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