"The truth is, most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive." -Bill Watterson


Our Creative Ambassadors


Jackie, a singer and guitarist whose talent naturally grows as she perfects her craft. Lighthearted by nature, to her, making people smile is what makes a day complete.


Keesa Ocampo is an Emmy Award winning writer, television producer, and a master storyteller who draws her vision by connecting to values that matter to her the most. She is driven to uplift, engage and inspire everyone.


Rae is a social entrepreneur, a certified fitness trainer, owner of The Training Studio and crafter of the 90-Day Transformation Challenge. Her training, programs and most of all – her energy and light attract the very best of people to living healthier, better lives.


Ramiele is a singer based out of Miami, Florida with strong talent and an energetic spirit that is infectious. Introduced to the industry at a young age as a top finalist on American Idol, she builds upon her experience to challenge herself to be her very best, while encouraging others to do the same.

About Us

Our story in the making
The forefront of a new emerging market.

The Luna Company, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Christina Luna, originally as an artist management and events company fulfilling the need to support creative artists, their ventures and a demand that surfaced from the emergence of social media and technology. Building upon the creative potential of an individual or project, equipped with a team of creative entrepreneurs and partnerships - has enabled the company to continue on a path focused on building a community. Today, The Luna Company, Inc. supports creative entrepreneurs, community driven projects, and most importantly the people and vision behind all of these.

  • Creative Management

    Support for the business infrastructure of creative artists and creative entrepreneurs through the management and development of their business, teams, projects and cause

  • Entertainment Services

    Contributing to organizations and companies with production and creative support, talent booking, event management, marketing and community cultivation

  • Consulting Services

    Support for organizations, companies and campaigns with social media management, marketing support and community development

  • Community Engagement

    Creating community driven platforms that bring awareness of Asian American music artists, entrepreneurs and community ambassadors

Current and Past Corporate Clients

37 Entertainment | ABS-CBN International & The Filipino Channel (TFC) | ALA Boxing International | Amplified Entertainment | Asian Family Street Celebration | Celestial Promotions | Chikka Inc. | Children Moon Festival of Northern California | Dr. Brisbain Pucan | Filipina Womens Network | Kababayan Fest & 600 LBS. | Liberty Gold | Metro Magazine | Myx TV USA | Philippine Times of Southern Nevada | Prime Image Media Group | The 79th Element | Vallejo Pista Sa Nayon

Past Artist Clients

ACTS | AJ Rafael | Bento | Cable Car Stars | Clarissa Ocampo | Francesca Camus | Gabe Bondoc | GLP | Guji Lorenzana | immij | J-Ricz | JoAnne Lorenzana | Jocelyn Enriquez | Kulintronica | Leejay Abucayan | Lori Abucayan | Manny Garcia | Melissa Polinar | Michelle Martinez | Mike Isberto | Next Phaze | Sheryl Ann Padre

The Team

Our Support System
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Christina Luna

Christina’s personal mission is to help every team member, client and individual reach their potential by encouraging them to do what they love to do and offering them innovative, structured perspectives.
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Dorothy Dantes

Operations Manager
Dorothy’s desire to help the company and projects run a little bit better, stems from years of giving kind support to and receiving inspiration from creative professionals.
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Quinallison Dovey

Creative Manager
Quinallison’s personal creativity allows her to selflessly cultivate the company’s culture and build ways to give back to the community.
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Myra Alcaide

Entertainment Services Manager
Myra has built her work of personal integrity with a finesse that allows our clients to know they have a dedicated partner in any objective they hope to achieve.
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Tiffany Won

Tour and Events Manager
Tiffany’s work ethics, hard work and knack for solving problems gives our clients a remarkable feeling of assurance that reinforces our organization.


Our community partners

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